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Executive Compensation

What is an executive compensation strategy? It’s an agreement between the business and the key employee. Without mutual agreement, an executive compensation solution is impossible. This makes determining a strategy that works for both parties an important part of the process.

An executive compensation strategy that employs life insurance can reward and incent key employees by maximizing a business owner’s dollars. And offer even more options for businesses, compared to cash bonuses.

Employers want to keep exceptional employees for several reasons:

  • Increased productivity and profitability
  • More growth in the value of the business
  • Cost to replace key employee
  • Help ensure continued sales/revenue directly related to key employee expertise
  • Position the business for a profitable sale in the future

Business owners are thinking:

  • How can I keep this employee?
  • Is there another way to benefit this employee beyond qualified plans?
  • Can I put golden handcuffs on this benefit for this employee?
  • How might this employee eventually take over this business?

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